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Intro to git

Last updated September 12, 2022

Git Meeting Notes


Hi my name is Austin, I am the new VP of the club. I am really excited to be able to participate and hopefully we can all have some fun and learn fun things about tech related topics together.

Before I get started with the demo on git I was hoping to talk some about bi-weekly meetings on off weeks for the club. We are hoping to get members more engaged by doing coding problems together on CodeWars or LeetCode. Maybe we will even meet in person on campus and pitch in to order pizza if everyone is up for it.

I put a survey in the general chat on the discord to see what the best times were for everyone. Right now it looks like Fridays from 3 - 5 are the best times. If you are interested and didn’t see the survey before, I’ll go ahead and put the link for the survey in the chat here so you can still take it. I will finalize the times by the end of the week and hopefully we can have our first meeting next week if everything lines up.

Git is a version control system

What is a VCS (Version Control System)

Difference between Git and GitHub

Why to use the command line

How to download GIT - (Walkthrough)

BASH(Bourne-Again Shell) commands - Cheat Sheet: https://www.educative.io/blog/bash-shell-command-cheat-sheet

Git commands

Interacting with GitHub

Setting up SSH on GitHub: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/using-github-with-ssh-secure-shell/

Creating a remote repository on GitHub

Interactive Graph